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Exploring life’s continuous journey living with a disability (Charcot-Marie-Tooth Syndrome)

A Simple Conversation

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Recently, in reference to the death of George Floyd and the events that have since occurred, many have asked me, "How are you doing?" Initially, I simply responded, "I'm sad," which was and still is true. Now however, I'm ready to share more of how I feel and am ready to share how I will encourage change - by having A Simple Conversation. Additionally, I provide some tips on how to promote self-care throughout this challenging time. Wishing you all peace and safety.

My Tribute to Fathers/Father Figures

As Father's Day is upon us, I wanted to take time to pay tribute to the men who impacted my life at various stages. I wish all Father's and Father Figures a Happy Father's Day! Let's show them some love on June 16th, 2019!!!

One Year In…Lessons Learned So Far

Yesterday, June 2nd, marked my year anniversary of my fall which resulted in my having a broken leg. Today, I share what has become an unexpected joy, two lessons learned this past year, and my plan for my future employment as I continue on my path to recovery. 

Being Disabled vs. Being Made to Feel Disabled

On 5/20/19, I had an experience that left me feeling disabled. As I was greatly affected by the experience, I decided to share the situation here. 

Redefining Womanhood and Poem to Child I Could Not Conceive

As this is the season of celebrating Mothers, I began to think about how I had to redefine my definition of Womanhood as I was unable to have children. In this podcast I reflect on why I wanted to be a mom and what shaped my new definition of Womanhood. I end with a poem to the child I could not conceive. 

#100OutOf100 - Love and Relationships

Today's podcast was inspired by a social media movement - #100OutOf100. This movement started after a comment Dr. Phil made on his show in March regarding Interable Couples. After learning of his comment and reading various responses, I was prompted to share my thoughts about love and relationships as I've grown to understand what I need. Take a listen and let me know what you think. 

Finding My Stride Again

Could it be??? Am I actually finding my stride again??? Today, I share when I made the cross over from existing to living - I didn't even know it was happening until it happened (Big Smile.) - and what I am doing with this new found lease on life. I also share 3 more things I've discovered along the way.

Fight or Flight…Why Can’t I Do Both???

Usually, when we are stressed, we go into a fight or flight mode because it usually makes sense to do one or the other. However, when applied to my recovery, I decided I could do both. Today, I share why I felt it necessary.

Off-line This Week

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Hello Everyone. Unfortunately, I had technical difficulties this week.  I will be back in action Monday, 4/22/19, with a new podcast.  Thank you all for your support!

Denedria Banks, LCSW 


How can I rebuild without understanding my foundation???

How do you rebuild your life after injury? For me, it starts with understanding my foundation. In today's podcast, I share how I have started my rebuilding process.

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